43rd Season State of Emergence

We are becoming our better selves.

In this chaotic time, many of us need respite. No one can fight all of the time. This is why we need community: so when one falls or fails or becomes fatigued, there are others to stand in the gap.

It takes time to rest and to heal. And then we can call on the deepest part of ourselves. Motivated only by love—for our earth, our communities, our children—we ready ourselves to rise again.

It was June Jordan who wrote, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.” Indeed. What power, what joy, in knowing that we have what we need to do what we must. Let us remember that justice is worthy of our attention, worthy of our labor, worthy of risking ourselves. If we can bear to look at who we are, there we will find our way back home.

We can make our world anew.

This season at Penumbra, we look. We search the human heart laid bare by brave artists. We search for the clues to lead us back to our moral center, to fortify and draw us together, shoulder to shoulder, to stand in between the chaos and our most precious, tender loves. Join us as we do the work to get us back to center, back to whole, and home to our highest selves.

Change is upon us. Isn’t it electrifying?

Sarah Bellamy
Artistic Director