Baobab Family Benefits

Your contributions breathe life into every performance, every educational program, and every social justice initiative. Your gift makes you a member of this dedicated family for the year–you can donate at any time and as often as you want.

Innovator > $10,000 ($850 monthly)
• Opportunity to sponsor an event or initiative
Benefits, including those below

Creator $5,000-$9,999 ($450 monthly*)
• Invitation to virtual workshops
Benefits, including those below

Leader $1,000-$4,999 ($100 monthly*)
• Invitation to virtual Baobab Brunch
• Penumbra book club member
Benefits, including those below

Protector $250-$999 ($25 monthly*)
• Invitations to hosted virtual panel discussions, performances, and more
Benefits, including those below

Nurturer < $250 ($10 monthly*)
• Donor eNews
• Website acknowledgment

• Suggested monthly donation at this level.
Monthly donors may change or discontinue their support at any time.

Questions? Call Martine McLellan, Individual Giving Coordinator, at 651.288.6794 or email