Baobab Family

Baobab Family Members (April 01, 2021 to April 30, 2022)

Anne and Paul Ablan
Jeffrey Adams
R James Addington
Kevin Alexander
Gary and Carol Alm
Amazon Smiles
Suzanne Ammerman
Barbara Amram
Carole Anderson
Dennis and Kathy Anderson
Javonte and Talitha Anyabwele
Ken and Nina Archabal
Dr. Anton E Armstrong
Doretha Asantewaah
Jeanne M Badman
Sandy and Barry Baines
Judith Baker
Jim Barmann
Richard Barrett
Bauer-Springer Family
Mary Beagan
Donn and Roger Beaubien
Roberta and John Becker
Theresa Beckhusen
Heino Beckmann and Darlene Sholtis
Jeffrey and Karyl Beeman
Jeannine and Robert Befidi
Peter Bell and Sharon Bottorff
Maureen Benson
Marjorie and Jim Bequette
Bara Berg
Randall and Marcia Betcher
Robert C Beverage
Jeannette and Jeff Bineham
Pam Blackamoore
Michael J Blandford
Blumenshine LLC
Stephen Borer
Anita Bradshaw, PhD.
Sharon Brick
Katy Briggs
Peter Brosius and Rosanna Staffa
Gayle Brown
Ann Bukoskey
Nicholas and Traci Buse
Mary Cajacob and Peter Eisenberg
Patricia A Callaghan
Capital Management
Brian P Carey Memorial Fund
Kara Inae Carlisle
Nona Kennedy Carlson
Patricia Jean Carson
John and Anne Caruso
Therese Casey
Christina and Alex Clark
Dorette Kerian
Mary L Charles
Mary Charles
Carol Chomsky
Jane Christensen
Christenson Charitable Fund
Kevin and Sue Clark
Steve and Christine Clemens
Linda F and Roy M Close
Liz and Hiram Cochran
Ellen Coffey
Elaine and Foster Cole
Gayle Cole
Alfred and Crystal Coleman
Briana Colton
Amy Conners
Carlson Cook Family
Jeanne and David Cornish
Ronald and Joan Cornwell
Jeanne E Corwin
Diane K. Cowdery
Catherine Craft-Fairchild
M Constance Crane
Creating Healthier Communities
Jean and Joe Crocker
Brenda Culp and Carl Smith
Roxann A Cunningham
Ross A Currier
Lynda J Dahl
Paul K Dalton
M Lynn Daniels
Thomas and Barbara Davis
Tom E Davis
Elizabeth Ann DeBaut
Cy and Paula DeCosse
Nancy S Delmore
Pamela Desnick
Dennis and Nickie Dillon
R Scott Dyer
Thomas W Dzik Hannah McGraw Dzik
Lynn and Randy Ellingboe
Karen Ellingson
Kathryn Ervin
Susan Eschenbach
Anna Marie Ettel
Henry and Patricia Etten
Frank and Cary Eustis
Jessy and Ted Fabel
Ayanna Farrell
JoAnn Fernandez and Brad Lais
Sara and Karl Fiegenschuh
Diane Fisher
Dr Robert and Linda Fisher Charitable Fund
Mary Grace and David Flannery
David and Mary Grace Flannery
Kathleen Flynn
Michele Fondell
Barbara and Ken Ford
Jean Forster
Mark and Sally Foster
Ann and Bill Foy Family
Frank and Gilbert Family Fund
Kerry and Jan Frank
Janice Frankman
J Frankman
John E Fredell
Carol Freeman
Hillary Freeman and Carol Mork
Philip E Friedlund
Merlin and Rita Friesen
Phyllis Frisby
Nancy Fushan
David Galey
Johanna Garcia
Gary Gardner and Helen Kivnich
Linda Garrett and Sidney Sasser
Bev Gause
William and Julie Gay
Katherine and James Geary
Grace M Gee
Nancy Gehrenbeck-Miller
Judith C Gelderman
Enrique Gentzsch
Kathryn I Gerber
Barbara Gerten
Teddy Gesell
A Gibas and P Jones
Christopher and Cheryl Gibbons
Allen Giles and Lisa Brosseau
E Peter and Scotty Gillette
Susan Gilmore
Rie Algeo Gilsdorf
Delta Giordano and Allen Sabean
Giving Foundation, Inc
Bob Goepel and Mary Sample
Jessica Goff and Kevin Ward
Ellen D Grace
Gina Graf
Stanley L Graham
Elizabeth C Grant
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Barbara Greenwald Davis
Rob Carlson and Gregg Larson
Jessica and Brent Griffith
Robert Groger and Donna Weispfenning
Mary and Thomas Gross
Jessica Guernsey
Delores Gutierrez and John Nesbitt
Ron Gwiazda
Joan Hackel
Margaret Hall
Jean Hammink and Tom Duke
Karen Hering and David Hammond
Beth Haney and Scott Moore
Gail and Stuart Hanson
Jude A Harbison
Anthony and Allison Harder
Signe Harriday
Alfred Hare Harrison and Barrie E Smeeth
Archie and Fred Harris
Lorraine R Hart
Mary Alice Harvey
JoEllen Haugo and David Smith
Thomas Heaney
Glen Helgeson
Mary Helgeson
Edward and Nancy Hennen
Yvette Hewitt
Mary Robison and Karl Hillstrom
Scott Hinchee
Joanne and Allen Hinderaker
Judith G Hollander
Laura and David Honan
Earl and Phyllis Hoover
Rita L Houlihan
Terry L Howard
William Mask and Anne Howden
Jim Howitt and Marcelle Lewandowski
Robert and Patricia Hoyt
Cynthia Huffman and Ray Heacox
Deborah Isabelle
Vicki and David Itzkowitz
Carmelle and Byron Jackson 2020 Charitable Trust
In Memory of Cheryl Jacobsen
Richard Jaeger
Bonita Crawford Janda
Suzanne Jebe
George D Jelatis
Ronald Jensen and Judy Ostendorff
Betsy Johnson and Michael Brewer
Cara Johnson
Carol Johnson
Judith H and Eugene A Johnson
Nancy and Bill Jones
Nancy H Jones
Dr Charles and Sally B Jorgensen
Cynthia and Michael Jorgenson
Inez Jukulen and R Prowizor
Seth Kaltwasser
Lewis K Kamiri
Georgia and Joe Kandiko
In Loving Memory of Roy and Mary Kay
Robert Kieft
Skip and Pat Kiland
Teresa Kimker
Virginia Kimker
Ann M King
Sandra King Freeman
Thomas Kleinschmit and Liana Magee
Donald J Kleven
Judy Knight
Michael and Martha Koch
Karen Koepp
In Memory of Charles K Kondo
Heather M Koshiol and Joel R Young
Donald L Kryzer
Marit L Kucera
Steve and Jeanelle Kummer
Joseph J Kuznik
Ruth Ladwig
Daryl, Jenny, and Flordelino Lagundino
Paul Lamb
David and Pamela Lande
Julie and Maury Landsman
Maury and Julie Landsman
Jean Langford
Sara Lara
Carol A Larson
Joyce and David Lasecke
Tessa Lasswell
Caroline Ledeboer
Philip Ledermann
Mina and Gregory Leierwood
Stephanie and Sam Walseth
Kathy and Allen Lenzmeier
Dr. Irving and Gwen Lerner
Nan P Lightner
Brenda and Warren Lincoln
Edward Linder and Stacey Poirier
Judi Linder
Ellen Lindseth
Anne Linnee
Rachel Lipton
Mary Lobenstein and John Sellen
Gordon Loery
Arnold and Jean London
Todd London and Karen Hartman
Desiree Long
Michael and Wendy Lougee
Sandra Louis
Tom and Hazel Anderson/Lutz
Ruth and John Bergerson
Katherine B Macke
Mary K Maddox
Suzanne Mahmoodi
Rhoda and Don Mains
Susan Makela and Mark Basiletti
Eileen and Kevin Maler
Kathleen R Martin
Jeffrey C Masco
Gaye Adams Massey
Meghann Masters
Ron and Mary Mattson
Thomas Maye
Valerie McCarty
Virginia McDermott
Anne McInerney and Robin Frazier
McKnight Foundation Employee Matching Gift Program
Anne McLaughlin
Susan McNellis
McVay Foundation
Katherine Meerse and David Woodard
Lois Meerwald
Centered Practice
John Messing
John Michell and Berit Midelfort
Brian H Miller
Bobbie Mistretta and Buddy Turner
Lucy C Mitchell
Lillie Mobley
Caron L Moore
Lavonne Moore
Mary Morehouse
Maray Morris
Sandy Morris
Robin Morton
Amy Muse
Scott Nash
Curt D Nelson
Randy and Joy Nelson
Michael Neuharth and Heather Cummins
Paul Neuharth
Katherine Nevins
Eric Newman
Richard and Joan Niemiec
Clair and Rodolfo Nieto
Huldah Niles
Barbara and Bruce Nordstrom-Loeb
Scot Nortrom
Janice Noruk
Sarah Jane Nowlin
Patricia L O’Brien
Rose Mary O’Donovan
Shela Oehrlein and Naom Munzner
Brendan O’Hara
Robert Olafson
Ben Olk and Kris Berggren
Leonard Oppenheimer and Lydia Schultz
N Jeanne Burns and Elizabeth Oppenheimer
John Overton and Ann Lowry
Kathy Papatola
Mary Jane and Bruce Pappas
Lowell and Finola Parsons
Mary Payne-Bixell
Marjorie Pearson
Mark and Sally Pearson
Terry Pearson
Elizabeth Pederson
Catherine Penkert
Tom and Sally Peterson
John and Judy Peterson
Gretchen Pick and Michael Flood
Chris and Dwight Porter
Polly Posten
Nylce Prada Myers
Catherine Pruszynski
Mark Rabinovitch and Karen VanBeck Rabinovitch
Sharon Radman
Dr. Lewis M Rambo
Ramsey Hill Association
Brian Rank, MD.
Priya Rao
Andrew Rapoport
Louise Raths
Anne Redmond
Jay and Nancy Reeves
John Reger
Joe and Sharon Reid
Michael D Reszler
Cheryl Waldron
M Denise Richardson
Dessie Richmond
Mary and Andrea Rick
Philip J Rickey
Mary Riordan
Angela Robinson
John Robinson
Sandra B Roe
John Romano
Richard Rose
Kay Thomas and James Rustad
David Rusterholz
Kari Ryan
Miriam Sahouani
Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation
Bill and Susan Sands
Eugene and Carolyn Sandvig
John and Linda Satorius
Jeff and Karol Sauders
Kristine Sawyer
John W Saxhaug
Sara Schaefer
Denise Scharlemann and Robert Cochrane
Bruce and Sharyn Schelske
Liz and Rich Schiferl
Katherine Schilling
Dorothy Schlesselman and Mike Smith
Jane Schmidt and Daniel Karl
Sarah Asch and Evan Schnell
Susan Schultz
Brockman and Nancy Schumacher Jr.
Clare and Steve Sexton
Michelle Sharp and Rafe Jones
Judith M Shaw
Raymond Shields and Opal Richards
Jacqui Shoholm-Purdy
Janice R Sigmund
Richard Simms and Danielle Edwards-Simms
Elizabeth Slocum
Drs. Carl Smith and Brenda Culp
David and Ann Smith
Janice A Smith
Denis Ryono and Laurine Speltz
Florence Sprague and David Misemer
St. Clements Episcopal Church
Shannon Staiger
Stephen Conway
Carla Steen and Jeffrey Friedl
Mary H Steinbicker
Judith Steltzner
Dr. Larry and Susan Hausman Stember
Bill and Lois Stevens
Eileen Stever
Dahlia Stone
Robert C Storlie
Marcia and John Stout
Mary Katherine Stranik
Donald Strasser
Helen Sullinger
Tim and Beth Sullivan
Mary and Robert Super
Svelter Charitable Lead Unitrust
Linnea and John Swenson Tellekson
Judy Takkunen
Taniguchi Family
Hazel B Tanner
Jean Taylor
Rita and David Thofern
Fredrika Thompson
Joan Thompson and Drew Hamre
Eli Tipoh
Cynthia Unowsky and Thomas Badow
Lawrence Valley
Carrie and Sam Van Hallgren
Daniel F Vogel
Clarissa Volpe
Rebecca Wade
Sheila Walker
Clara Walter-Marchetti
Laysha Ward William Kiffmeyer
David Wark and Mary Ann Borrows Wark
Jill Warren
Janet Warwick
Dave and Ruth Waterbury
Cedric and Hazel Waterman
Katherine Wellington
David and Amanda Welliver
Rev M Wells
John and Vera Wenzel
Brian and Andrea Wessel
Sara A Wessling
Sally Wherry
Dennis and Scott Wachtler Whipple
John C Eisner and Jennifer Dorr White
Tom Will and Kristen C Nelson
Lori-Anne Williams
Phillip Williams
Regina M Williams
Robert L Williams
Mari Wittenbreer
Judith Wright
Jennifer Yanco
Craig Yates
Renae Youngs and Jessica Rochester
Martha Zachary
Maryam Marne Zafar
David and Laura Ziegler
Louise Ziegler
Sue and Phil Zietlow
Nancy Zingale and Bill Flanigan
Joe and Lori Zook-Stanley