August Wilson's Jitney: Featuring an all-star cast of Wilson veterans


1 hour prior to performance

Penumbra Theatre
270 N. Kent St
St. Paul, MN 55102

Tuesday, October 11 at 7:30pm
Wednesday, October 12 at 7:30pm

Saturday, November 5 at 7:30pm

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August Wilson’s
Directed by Lou Bellamy

It is 1977, and in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, city officials threaten to level a makeshift taxi dispatch office where neighbors have gathered for years. At a time when safe and comfortable transit was not guaranteed for black customers, Becker’s car service provided mobility and a modicum of respect for the community. Now his building has been identified as prime real estate for redevelopment, and he might be forced out of business. Meanwhile, his estranged son has been released from prison and wants to come home. As pressure mounts, Becker is forced to reckon with powers beyond his control. Jitney is an “explosive” and “gripping” portrait of African American life from the pen of one of America’s greatest writers. Join us for a riveting production brought to you by the nationally-known and critically-acclaimed creative team at Penumbra Theatre.

CAST: James T. Alfred, Booster; Terry Bellamy, Turnbo; James Craven, Becker; Abdul Salaam El Razzac, Doub; Jasmine Hughes, Rena; Darrick Mosley, Youngblood; T. Mychael Rambo and Ahanti Young, Philmore; Marcus Naylor, Fielding; Kevin D. West, Shealy

Post-Play Discussions
October 20, 27, November 3 and 10, 2016
When faced with the loss of a dream, what can you do to persevere? How can we nourish our communities to ensure they thrive? Join us as we explore the ingenuity and creativity that make underserved communities resource-rich in spite of inequity.

Opening Night is sponsored by Comcast NBC Universal



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“Uber actor James Craven transports people, onstage and in his car” via the Star Tribune
“Actor T. Mychael Rambo found a new life on stage” via the Pioneer Press


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