Staging God


Artistic Expressions of the Unknown
Reception at 6:00pm; Program at 7:00pm

Throughout history, various cultures have used songs, stories, poetry, and dance to communicate religious beliefs: Noh drama of Japan; the reverent preparation before Bharatanatyam dance in India; the plays written for holy festivals by the Greeks; the ritual storytelling and sensorial reenactment of the Pesach seder; or Egungun praise dance in Nigeria. Frequently, a storyteller is not only a narrator but also an actor, communicating morals and lessons to the audience by approximating the deities, and the performance itself is a votive offering. Join us as we investigate the intersections between ritual and performance, then and now.

Penumbra’s Let’s Talk Series creates space for compassionate and challenging conversations around issues of social justice, equity, and the arts. Curated by Sarah Bellamy, the event begins at 6:00pm with refreshments and light bites, followed by a 90-minute presentation and discussion.

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Monday, March 4, 2019 // 6:00PM