Pipeline: Is There No Way Out?


Dominique Morisseau’s
Directed by Lou Bellamy

Omari is caught between two worlds. Raised in the city, he attends a private college preparatory school upstate, far from his roots and his family. His mother, Nya, is walking a tightrope: send him away and risk the dangers of discrimination, or keep him near and tempt the trouble waiting on the block. After a run in with a white teacher, the halls of his elite school turn out to be as unsafe as the city’s streets. A searing story of a mother trying to protect her young son from a world that can’t see the little boy she loves.

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Dominique Morisseau is an acclaimed playwright, actor, and 2018 MacArthur Fellow whose stirring, compassionate work captures the lives of people in communities grappling with economic and social change. Through lyrical dialogue, she conjures emotionally complex characters and reveals their humor, vulnerability, and fortitude in the face of profound struggle. Her work has been staged and commissioned by celebrated companies including Steppenwolf Theatre, the Hip Hop Theater Festival, the Public Theater, and Penumbra Theatre.

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