This Bitter Earth


By Harrison David Rivers
Directed by Talvin Wilks

Neil is a handsome, wealthy white man who is a passionate advocate for civil rights. Jesse is an introspective black playwright coming to terms with his own activism. As racial tensions mount with the extrajudicial killings of black men throughout the country, the young couple is forced to contend with the politics of their love. Written poetically by Harrison David Rivers, this timely story is a haunting reminder of the strength it takes to love outloud.

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“Three Twin Cities plays wrestle with interracial marriage”–Star Tribune
“St. Paul interracial romance is not a true story but parts of the play are true”–Star Tribune
“This Bitter Earth at Penumbra”–MinnPost
“Surprises await on Twin Cities stages this spring and summer”–Pioneer Press

“witty interracial drama is another winner from St. Paul playwright”–Star Tribune
“compact, powerful story about two men and the complicated love they share'”–CityPages
“engages the mind, the conscience and the heart”–Cherry and Spoon
“seriously, Penumbra is killing it! ‘”–Compendium


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