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Penumbra now offers four equity training modules in 90 minute sessions: Racial Healing, Psychological Safety, Belonging, and Allyship. Each training includes compassionate, inclusive facilitation, wellness modalities designed to increase regulation and resiliency, artistic offerings and practices that open creative channels, and tools and techniques that are adaptable to a wide variety of equity concerns. For more information, or to book an equity training workshop, contact us at

Penumbra is the only organization licensed to train clients in The 4A’s Equity Framework™ developed by Penumbra’s president, Sarah Bellamy, to make the work of racial healing clear, practical, and possible. Our team of artists, equity leaders, and wellness experts guide participants through racial healing work in an integrated, holistic way that will benefit not just our clients’ lives, but the lives of those around them, too. This training covers:

• The 4A’s Equity Framework™, a process to build confidence, competence, and dexterity in racial equity and racial healing work
• A primer on how racial trauma affects the body, mind, and spirit, as well as methods to restore and repair
• Trauma informed practices that can empower individuals and organizations to begin or advance their racial healing

In a world where mental health and well-being are increasingly recognized as essential components of personal and professional success, cultivating psychological safety becomes paramount. This training invites participants to embark on a journey of self-discovery and community building. This training covers:

• Racism, trauma, and effects on mental and physical well-being
• The intersectionality of race with other identities and its environmental influence
• Trauma-informed practices that can increase psychological safety
• Microaggressions and personal bias reflection

Belonging is a fundamental human need and lifelong work. As social creatures, human beings are biologically driven to create groups held together through attachment and identity. While this creates a sense of security for some, others may experience ostracization, prejudice, even exile. This training invites participants to contemplate how we can learn to belong to ourselves first, creating spaciousness and energy to help others belong, too. This training covers:

• The biological importance of belonging; primal and contemporary practices of reciprocity
• Connection through identity; empathy, and the construction of in-groups and out-groups
• Trauma informed practices that can increase belonging
• Powerful storytelling and expert facilitation

Penumbra’s practice of allyship is rooted in compassion. True compassion urges us toward action when others are suffering. It is an orientation, a frame of mind that influences behaviors, rather than a series of finite actions. This training focuses on strategies to support besieged communities and vulnerable individuals by deepening our historical analysis and leveraging our privilege to interrupt oppression. Everyone can be an ally for someone else. This training covers:

• Identity and social location work
• Understanding privilege and strategies to leverage it for social impact
• Trauma informed practices that can increase resiliency and regulation
• Powerful storytelling and expert facilitation

For more information, or to book an equity training workshop, contact us at