Martine McLellan

Martine McLellan is the Individual Giving Manager for Penumbra Theatre. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama in 2018 with a double major in Theatre (tech) and Communication Studies. She has worked as a stage manager for; The University of Alabama’s Department of Theatre and Dance, B Street Theatre Company, Stagedoor Manor, and Penumbra’s Summer Institute program. Her first introduction to Penumbra dates back to 2011 when she saw Two Trains Running while she was in High School. Since then she continued to keep in touch with Penumbra where she then stage-managed Summer Institute in 2017. She then was offered a full-time development position in 2019 after graduating from The University of Alabama. She currently collaborates to cultivate, communicate, and create special experiences for Penumbra’s donors and the local community. Her main goal as Individual Giving Manager is to ensure patrons have a sense of community by feeling seen, heard, and connected to the organization and other patrons.

When she isn’t at Penumbra, she’s serving at a local restaurant, going to concerts, plays, and sporting events, practicing yoga, and hanging out with her dog, June.