Our Planning Process

We recognize the serious body of work it will take to achieve this bold vision, and will harness the innovation, agility, and intelligence long housed at Penumbra to ensure the organization is vital for generations to come.

Penumbra will widen our circle of engagement to test, refine, and evaluate our programming and curriculum, making room for beloved community to help shape and share in the collective vision that will serve all of us. We will be engaging our community through listening circles so that you can share your hopes and dreams for the Penumbra Center for Racial Healing, too. It is essential that our plan is porous and deeply informed by our community.

Concurrent to this work, we will undergo an iterative business development process that will focus on infrastructural growth, earned income strategies, timeline and scale, and capital investment planning. We will refine goals, identify initial impact areas, adapt the business plan, and design our ideal organizational structure.

The program and business planning work are critical to assess what capital investments are needed to support the center. We will investigate a combination of physical, virtual, and mixed spaces in preparation for a capital campaign launch.

The Penumbra Center for Racial Healing will be one very powerful resource amongst a beautiful and bright constellation of many of us working for change. Our goal is to amplify all of the good work that is being done so it is absolutely clear to anyone who would challenge progress on racial equity and racial healing: We’re not going back.