Yoga unites body, spirit, and mind with an intentional practice to get us started daily.

Ensemble Acting introduces the actor’s toolbox and lays the groundwork for ensemble acting, a founding principal of Penumbra Theatre’s artistic style.

African-based Movement is a high-energy workout where you will use dance to build community, strength, and confidence.

Art with Intent explores how artists have used performance as a tool to organize, inspire, educate, and lead communities toward social change.

Improvisation gives you the opportunity to explore the many possibilities for play and creativity within theatre.

Music Element explores the role of African American music in social change movements and imparts fundamental skills for performance.

Performance Element allows you to demonstrate your practice of activist art with the development of an original, ensemble art piece that you will perform on Penumbra’s stage!

Advanced Acting and Scene Work focuses on the development of social justice monologues and scenes.

Movement takes you through a variety of practices that will develop your physical techniques and strengthen your artistic process.

Seminar sharpens critical thinking skills as you consider your own identity in relation to representations and stereotypes.

Grassroots Organizing is your chance to get out of the classroom and experiment with the social change tactics you are learning.

Writing Workshop guides you through a range of writing styles including an original monologue, a personal artist philosophy, and a college entrance essay.

Design Element explores the foundational principles of theatrical design, lighting, sound, scenic, and costume, and helps you to build technical elements for your final performance.

Performance Element meets weekly to help you create your original, ensemble art piece, including monologues, scenes, movement, and design elements.

Photo Credit: Allen Weeks