How do I apply for Summer Institute?
Applications will be open in March 15 for Summer Institute 2019. The deadline to apply is June 3, 2019.

Who is eligible?
All students age 13-18 who are registered in school are eligible to apply.

Where is Summer Institute?
The first three weeks of Summer Institute classes will be held at the University of Minnesota Rarig Center on the West Bank Campus.

How do you select students?
Penumbra deliberately recruits a diverse body of students, representing a wide range of ages, ethnic and racial backgrounds, interest and experience. Some of the students admitted into the program have had very little theatrical training but are strong leaders in their communities. Others began theater training quite young but have never before considered it as a means to address social justice issues.

From this diverse body of applicants, we select students based on their commitment to studying the craft of drama and using theater to promote social change. We admit students who can demonstrate leadership, a passion for the arts, enthusiasm, and a dedication to completing the program.

What should I include in my application?
Make sure that your personal information is current and complete and that you answer each of the short answer questions as well as the essay question. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, be sure to complete all of the questions in the scholarship section to the best of your ability. Feel free to call if you have questions about the application, essays or scholarship information.

How many students will be admitted?
The Summer Institute program will admit approximately 25 new students in 2019.

When and how will I know if I am admitted?
Penumbra Theatre will contact you to let you know that your application was received within one week of you submitting your application. You will then need to schedule a requited entrance interview.

Are there scholarships available?
Penumbra Theatre provides a limited number of scholarships that cover full tuition. To be considered for a scholarship, please fill out the appropriate section on the enrollment application form.

Who are the teachers?
Professional artists from around the country, Penumbra Theatre hires instructors at the forefront of theatre for social change.

Should I bring a lunch?
Lunches and snacks are provided for all students during the duration of Summer Institute. Every effort is made to accommodate students with special dietary needs or concerns.

How do I get to Summer Institute?
If you do not have a parent or guardian who can drop you off, bus passes are provided for students who need them after the first day. Summer Institute can also help coordinate carpool teams once the program has begun.

How are parents involved?
Parents are integral to the process of Summer Institute. While students go through classes that provoke thought and action around issues of social justice, parents also receive training to keep the dialogue going at home. It is important for parents and guardians of accepted students to attend Orientation Day.

Who do I contact if I have a question?
Contact info@penumbratheatre.org.

Photo Credit: Allen Weeks