Why Train With Us

Penumbra means partial shadow. It is a phenomenon that happens when an astrological body casts a shadow during a partial eclipse. Our name urges us to explore both the shadow and the light. Penumbra has the experience and expertise to facilitate courageous conversations while also offering clients hopeful, practical, and tactical solutions. Those who have experienced our trainings walk away feeling resilient at their growth-edge.

“The entire discussion gave me so much to think about. It was personal and moving and encouraged self-examination in a productive way.”

“Our work with Penumbra has made a substantial impact on the diversity and inclusion initiatives at our school, moving us further along the continuum of understanding and respect among the many different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of everyone in our community.”

“The workshop was awesome. It is a first step in … being prepared to see how racism affects us all.”

“I really enjoyed every aspect of this training: the material, the exercises we completed, the facilitators, the break-out session, and the handouts provided. I only wish we could complete more of them on a more regular basis! Outstanding!!”

For more information, or to book an equity training workshop, contact us at equity@penumbratheatre.org